cardboard lampcardboard lamp

make a night light lamp for kids out of cardboard

This night light lamp for kids is easy to make

A soft lighting

Download the tutorial to create this night light lamp for kids





Mommy ... I'm afraid to sleep alone ! Be reassured my baby ... I switch on your night light lamp. Keep cool and look at the head and the hat of this little man. He will take care of you now. Kiss ...

This lamp is made with paper and cardboard ... that's it! Very simple to do. You can create exactly the same night light lamp out of cardboard as you see here. That's very cheap because you can use recycle cardboard!

Choose corrugated cardboard, follow the 20 steps of my tutorial and learn how to realize this night light lamp out of cardboard

You can download my tutorial. This tutorial gives you the 20 "step by step method", 93 pictures, the templates and drawings you need. Click on the picture to do it (waiting time about 10 sec)

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